It’s true: we’re all getting older. And while some say age is all in the mind, it does sometimes show in the body — when you can’t seem to perform the same in the bedroom as you used to. Now there’s Excel, an all-natural solution to your woes between the sheets.

We’ve carefully blended a proven mix of herbs that will take years off your age, letting you perform in bed like the young lion you once were. You’ll feel like you’re back in your 20s — or even younger — after taking Excel for just a few short weeks. And renewed sexual prowess won’t be your only benefit: you’ll also feel less anxious, more relaxed, and healthier overall, thanks to the bonus properties of our 100% pesticide-free herbal ingredients. Some of our ingredients, long used as aphrodisiacs around the world, even intensify the pleasure you feel at your partner’s touch. Imagine all of these benefits — with no side effects to speak of!

Side effects…what a dirty word! And that’s what happens with those popular prescription pills — the ones you see advertised left and right for correcting erectile dysfunction. Yes, some of those side effects can be quite severe, causing everything from dizziness and blurred vision to very serious heart and respiratory issues, even. As if that’s not enough, you also have to make that embarrassing call to your doctor — ouch. Why go the prescription route when you can just click below and have all-natural Excel shipped right to your door?! Order yours NOW and you can be enjoying better, more satisfying sex by next weekend!

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Everyone’s paying more attention to health issues these days: eating organic foods as much as possible, drinking more water, and taking care not to ingest things like artificial colors and preservatives. We’re totally on board with that, and that’s why we choose to make Excel from the highest-quality herbs, grown WITHOUT PESTICIDES. We hand-select each of these food-quality herbal ingredients because our customers deserve only the best. What’s more important than what you put into your body?

The herbal ingredients in our powerful formula work by increasing blood flow to the penis. Restricted circulation is the main cause of erectile dysfunction, so the answer is fairly simple: get that blood flowing stronger. Part of this can be achieved through exercise, but in order to force that blood to the body’s extremities — namely the penis — you need a boost from nature. Several of Excel’s plant-derived ingredients stimulate that necessary blood flow, while others help you to relax, further increasing circulation. This relaxing effect also eases some of that tension and “performance anxiety” men sometimes feel in bed, especially with a new partner. And remember: the act of sex is itself a stress reliever, so by taking Excel you get to have more sex — and feel more and more relaxed!

Another big part of a healthy lifestyle is limiting the amount of chemicals you take in. Sure, there are some times when you must use pharmaceuticals under your doctor’s direction — when there are no herbal alternatives. Fortunately for you, there’s not only an alternative to prescription remedies for male sexual dysfunction: there’s a FAR SUPERIOR alternative. And it’s called EXCEL. Here’s how Excel compares to those little colored pills:

Doctor endorced formula
Concern Excel Viagra Cialis
Duration of Erection As usual, if taken on regular basis 1-4 hours (may be painful) Effect duration is up to 36 hours
Cost $0.70-$0.95 per capsule $10-$12 per tablet $15-$18 per tablet
Dosage 500 mg 50mg / 100mg 10mg / 20mg
Drug Name Various (Herbs) Sildenafil Tadalafil
Orgasm Improvement Yes No No
Firmer Erection Yes Yes Yes
Increased Semen Volume Yes No No
Side Effects None Headaches, blurred vision, priapism (prolonged painful erection), indigestion, nasal drip, diarrhea, constipation, flushing of face Headache, lightheadedness, muscle pain, upset stomach, bloating, heartburn, upper abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, facial flushing
Food and disease interactions None Alcohol, fat foods, heart disease, liver disease, renal dysfunction Alcohol, heart disease, respiratory disease, kidney or liver disease
Interactions with other medicines None A total of 263 drugs (1406 brand and generic names) are known to interact with. A total of 260 drugs (883 brand and generic names) are known to interact with.
Prescription needed None Yes Yes
Customs issues None Yes Yes
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A total of 34 plant species belonging to 18 different families, selected on the basis of folklore medicinal reports practised by the tribal people of Western Ghats, India, were assayed for antibacterial activity [...] Vitex negundo showed significant antibacterial activity against the tested bacteria. Our findings confirm the traditional therapeutic claims for these herbs.